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Beth and clinton are ma polaines great decline. mixing their music is one of the most enjoyable experinces ive had in recent years!

12 stone toddler - exceptional writing and performance with a sense of humour. one of the most exciting artists i have worked with

Both 12 stone and Captain phoenix are produced by the very talented steve cooper at was such a pleasure to work on such brilliantly crafted music

This is leoni Jane Kenedy in a live session at ACM in 2019. 

I was really impressed with the standard of musicianship from the band. we recorded 6 tunes in a matter of hours.

Leoni's live vocal and guitar performance is superb.


Drums - James Jackman

Bass - will plunkett

film Score Mixes....

James williams is an exceptional composer. i have mixed 5 movie scores for him. everyone a pleasure if a little tense! 

from the 80's....

Mix and additional production 1988.

the multitrack came from Jamaica... sly and was imaculate! We re-recorded the vocal and I had Danny schogger add clavinet and Frank Mead saxophone. 

Billy is one of the most naturally talented singers ad writers i have worked with. I was just 24 years old when i recorded and mixed this. produced and mostly played by the very talented nigel martinez.

I spent a long summer in PUk studios with these guys and gary stevenson. allan murphy intoduced me to the team and we had a great time. Mix by the superb julian mendleson.

sidney, astrala 1994

Robin smith performed and produced this track. we were half way through the recording of margarets album when in a restaurant the a+R guy said "we need a cover for the first single" I suggested all by myself..a year later mariah carey covered it!

we were working on this at rooster studios when simon got the call that "I knew you were waiting, written by him and dennis morgan went to number one in the u.s. we all went out and celebrated in a club somewhere!

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